Eye Candy Artistry About the Artist Christine Pitre

About the Artist

Canadian Artist + Graphic Designer Christine Pitre launched Eye Candy Artistry in January 2022 after falling in love with the fluid art form of acrylic paint pouring.

After 24 years of crafting countless images and brands for companies with her studio Designs that fly, Christine decided to immerse herself in the childhood fun of getting messy in paint again.

Her love of music has played a huge role in the inspiration behind the paintings, and as always, her branding brain got ahold of that and turned it into a business…and here we are today!

Designs that fly continues to operate simultaneously as Christine helps her clients build beautiful brands and creates their print, display, presentation, video, apparel, social and website designs. Eye Candy Artistry is simply a hands-on creative expansion.

If you’ve got a project that needs some artistic design magic, please don’t hesitate to reach out!


What is Eye Candy Artistry?

Eye Candy Artistry is an online fluid art studio. Our goal is to showcase the fun and immersive art form of acrylic paint pouring as Christine creates to songs that inspire her.

Christine does this by creating eye-catching YouTube videos. Clients are able to purchase the original paintings (and soon, prints!) or they may commission their own art pieces, inspired by her videos or the music that they love.

Christine loves music, but can’t carry a tune to save her soul. You may love art, but can’t create it no matter how hard you try. Enter Eye Candy Artistry.

Imagine gifting a one-of-a-kind art piece for a milestone birthday, wedding, or anniversary, inspired by your special song. You can commission personal and corporate art pieces in a variety of custom sizes. Let’s chat and we’ll create the perfect piece for your wall!


Frequently Asked Questions

All artwork is coated in high gloss resin that makes the colours come alive, as well as your choice of custom edge finishing.

Each canvas includes flush mounted black sawtooth hanging hardware to ensure a flush fit to your wall.

You can even choose to have a special saying, quote or date printed on the front or edge of your canvas.

You can decide to have your painting done with a video or not. Some clients just like the artwork as is, others like to customize it for themselves. Whatever you prefer, Eye Candy Artistry is here to create for you.

Our standard pine wood canvas size is 15”w x 15”h x 1.5”d, but please visit our ONLINE FORM to see all available options.

Got an idea, but not sure how to execute it? Just tell Christine what you have in mind. You have an artist + graphic designer in one, so feel free to utilize that unique skillset to your advantage.

We commission high quality cover songs done by various talented musicians who have been so kind as to allow our medias to merge.

For copyright reasons, we do not use the original song versions when creating the painting videos. YouTube allows the posting of cover songs without copyright strikes, and none of our cover song videos are monetized by YouTube.

If you commission a custom art piece with a painting video, you will be given a link to your YouTube video along with your finished canvas.

If you are a musician or producer who would like to come onboard with Eye Candy Artistry as a music provider, please email christine@eyecandyartistry.com to chat.

Yes we do! Looking for a specific canvas size or set of paintings (like a triptych)? Just let Christine know what dimensions you need and she will have the canvases built to your specs.

Ok, this depends.
If you order a painting from our GALLERY, they are already done and just need to be packaged up and shipped, so you’re looking at between 1-2 weeks, depending where you are. If you are in the Winnipeg or southern Manitoba region, we can make arrangements for pickup or delivery.
If you commission a custom painting, we need a little more time to slot it into our painting schedule, have your song made (1-2 weeks), shoot and edit your video (if requested – 1 full day), allow the painting to dry (5 days to 2 weeks, depending if silicone is used for large lacing – it takes longer to fully dry), resin (48 hours), then affix your hardware, package and ship. For a custom piece, we’re in the 4-5 week ballpark. Let’s Chat and work out the details 🙂

Of course you can! You can commission works by Eye Candy Artistry for your company’s entryway, atrium, hallways, conference rooms, hotel rooms, etc…anywhere you need a splash of colour and interest.

We can even create custom signage to your specs with your logo and artwork combined.

If you’re pressed for an idea, just bullet-point what you’d like and let our creativity loose!

We’ll provide you with a quote for approval and we’ll go from there.

We thought you’d never ask! Love your new art piece so much that you’d like to replace your old branding with it? Turn your artwork into your company’s new brand.

Eye Candy Artistry will license our artwork specifically to you for your business use and create any number of print, display or web products for you.

Think business cards, brochures, presentation folders, posters, postcards, annual reports, pop up banners, trade show displays, company videos, social media graphics and website designs.

You name it and let us be your creative genie!

Yes! Technically. It’s in the works 🙂 The next step to our website is to add the capability of direct-to-print.

That means that you will be able to print any of your favourite Eye Candy Artistry paintings on any size of cloth-wrapped canvas you like, as well as other wearable and novelty items.

It’s a-comin’…remember that Eye Candy is still our side hustle for now. We’re just getting started!

Yes! Also…in the works. If you love our brand and would like to support us proudly, you WILL be able to do so with our merch.

We’re not there just yet…but it’s coming.

More Questions? Let’s Chat!

Message Christine with all of your questions – music, painting, design, branding, etc. We’re here for all of it and can’t wait to talk to you.
If you prefer to call or text, you can reach Christine at 204-990-1220 | Mon-Fri, 8 am – 4 pm CST.

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